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Kyiv Approaching Normal Power outages Schedules - YASNO

Kyiv Approaching Normal Power outages Schedules - YASNO

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Energy workers are approaching the stabilization of the situation with Kyiv's energy supply and normal schedules. Serhii Kovalenko reports this on Facebook.

"Now colleagues are doing everything possible to return to the stabilization schedules. For several hours in the morning, the power system fits into restrictions. But their excess was not a surprise - the restrictions from Ukrenergo are still significant. While it is still difficult for all of us to plan, we are already approaching the stabilization of the situation and normal schedules," Kovalenko said.

Kovalenko also reported that today in Kyiv consumption was limited to 560 MW, 958,500 consumers were disconnected.

Kovalenko also advised not to connect all electrical appliances to the network at once when the light is on, because at the time of connection, almost twice as much is consumed than usual.

Accordingly, fuses, transformers, network equipment fail and people are left without electricity again.

In addition, he called on the citizens of Kyiv to pay for the services rendered on time.

"We expect payment of more than UAH 300 million from the people of Kyiv. This is without consumption in November," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the European Union will send a batch of generators and transformers to Ukraine to restore the energy system.

It was previously reported that on November 23, Russia launched another massive missile attack on Ukraine. Traditionally, the targets of the occupiers were energy infrastructure facilities.

Their damage as a result of the attack led to the fact that the vast majority of subscribers in the entire territory of Ukraine found themselves without access to electricity.

For a whole day, the country lived in the mode of large-scale power outages, but as of the second half of November 24, the situation was brought under control - the energy system of Ukraine began to gradually recover.