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Starlink Raises Tariffs On Its Services

Starlink Raises Tariffs On Its Services


Starting from December 29, Starlink satellite Internet services will become more expensive for Ukrainian users and the whole world. Previously, the service cost USD 60 (about UAH 2,300), its cost will grow to USD 75 per month (UAH 2,800). And in other countries around the world, the subscription fee will be even higher.

This is stated in the letters that Starlink sent to Ukrainian customers.

“The monthly service price of Starlink will increase from $60 to $75. The new price will apply to your subscription from 12/29/2022. If you do not want to continue your service, you can cancel [the subscription] at any time," it said.

The company's website notes that the cost of the equipment itself has also increased. If previously it cost USD 500, now you need to pay USD 700.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Elon Musk confirmed that his company SpaceX wants to refuse to finance satellite Internet services in Ukraine, which is provided by Starlink terminals, transferred as assistance. Nevertheless, after a discussion on the Internet, Musk decided to continue financing Starlink in Ukraine.

The Office of the President of Ukraine said that Ukraine will find a solution so that the Starlink satellite communication system from SpaceX continued to work in Ukraine.

Musk said on social networks that Russia is trying to destroy the operation of the Starlink satellite Internet system.

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