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Ukrainians Warned Of Missile Attacks, Russia Took 12 Ships To Sea - Administration

Ukrainians Warned Of Missile Attacks, Russia Took 12 Ships To Sea - Administration

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The Odesa Regional Military Administration spokesman Serhii Bratchuk has warned of a high probability of missile strikes, since there are 12 ships and boats of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea. One of them is a missile carrier with 8 Kalibr-class missiles, as well as three large landing craft. The Odesa Regional Military Administration representative wrote about this on Telegram.

Last night passed without shelling, he noted, but at the same time asked citizens not to neglect air raid alarms.

"These days they talk a lot about new massive attacks by Russians. Missile attacks. You didn't hear anything new. Keep your psyche sane and prepare, first of all - psychologically. Once again. Do not look for reasons to be annoyed at yourself, accept yourself as you are. And remember: they have agony - we will win! There is no doubt about this," Bratchuk gave advice to citizens, according to whom psychological stability, which allows us to perceive life as it is, comes to the fore in this war.

The official also advised to be less angry at neighbors, loved ones, electricians and power engineers, as the enemy will continue to strike. This is a statement of fact, Bratchuk explained.

'Prepare, you've got powerbanks, everything's charged, there's water. These are the realities of war," he said.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during the current day, the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted 9 strikes on the Russian occupiers.

On November 25, in the Zaporizhzhia Region, the Ukrainian military "disabled" more than a hundred Russians, also destroyed enemy military equipment and 2 ammunition depots.