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Kyiv City Administration Publishes Reserve Ambulance Numbers If 103 Does Not Work

Kyiv City Administration Publishes Reserve Ambulance Numbers If 103 Does Not Work

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In Kyiv, there is an alternative possibility of calling an ambulance if the 103 phone turns out to be unavailable due to communication interruptions. This was stated in the message of the Telegram channel of the Kyiv City State Administration on Monday, November 28.

If the number 103 is not available after several attempts, you can use special reserve numbers:


  • 0672481446
  • 0672481439
  • 0672481438
  • 0672481436
  • 0672481437
  • 0672481435
  • 0672481434
  • 0672481403


  • 235-71-30
  • 235-80-54
  • 235-80-58
  • 235-80-59
  • 234-71-28
  • 234-01-75
  • 235-80-24
  • 235-42-53
  • 235-80-56
  • 234-75-43
  • 234-72-94.

You can call the landline numbers of local substations/base points of ambulance brigades of the Centre of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine of the City of Kyiv:

  • 235-30-57
  • 536-19-11
  • 258-31-90
  • 400-61-12
  • 280-22-49
  • 433-97-47
  • 518-26-88
  • 245-88-15
  • 245-88-16
  • 456-44-77
  • 515-26-07
  • 546-18-76
  • 573-82-83
  • 485-11-18.

If you still have access to the Internet, you can write to the following address: [email protected]. The letter should contain the reason for the application, full address, contact phone number, name and age of the patient.

For the Kyivstar subscribers, there is an opportunity to call an ambulance by sending an SMS message to the number 10003. Enter information about the reason for the call, the full address (number of the house, entrance, apartment and floor), contact phone number, name and age of the patient.

In addition, you can contact the point of permanent or temporary basing of emergency medical aid teams, police, emergency services, heating points. You can stop an ambulance, police, rescue vehicle and ask for help or go to the hospital yourself.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada envisaged the creation of a single emergency call center at the number of 112.

In November, the Kyiv City State Administration reported that Kyiv had deployed more than 400 heating points.

On November 27, the Kyiv City Military Administration reported that electricity, water, heat and communications were almost restored in the capital.