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Ukrenergo Applies Emergency Power Outages Throughout Ukraine

Ukrenergo Applies Emergency Power Outages Throughout Ukraine

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From 10:00 a.m. on Monday, November 28, Ukrenergo applied emergency power outages throughout the territory due to the rapid growth of the power deficit.

This was reported by the company's press service.

"The reason for the increase in the power deficit was the emergency shutdown of units at several power plants," the statement says.

At the same time, consumption continues to grow due to worsening weather conditions. Currently, the capacity deficit is 27%, the press service added.

"After eliminating the causes of emergency power outages, the units will return to work, which will reduce the deficit in the power system and reduce the volume of consumer restrictions. Controlled emergency power outages make it possible to balance the power system and prevent emergency situations in the networks," Ukrenergo reported.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, power supply has already been restored to 17% of consumers in Kherson.

In addition, on November 27, the power system deficit was 20%.

The European Union will also send a batch of generators and transformers to Ukraine to restore the power system.