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Capital Residents Promised Power Breaks Of No More Than 5 Hours - DTEK

Capital Residents Promised Power Breaks Of No More Than 5 Hours - DTEK

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In the capital of Ukraine from November 26, emergency blackouts should last no more than 5 hours in a row, stabilization schedules are not valid yet.

DTEK announced this on Facebook.

"The situation in the power system remains extremely difficult, so emergency power outages continue to be applied throughout the country, including in Kyiv.

We understand that the long absence of light complicates the life of residents of Kyiv. Therefore, from November 26, DTEK Kyiv Grids will turn on the light to all residents in such a way that the power interruption for each client is no more than 5 hours. Stabilization schedules are currently inactive.

Such a regime will operate while it is possible to reduce the shortage of electricity generation and the situation in the power system will not stabilize," DTEK said.

The company asks those who still have no light after the attack of the Russian Federation, that is, from November 23 to November 26, or who will have no light for more than 5 hours from November 26 - to report to DTEK Kyiv Grids via online channels: chatbot on Telegram, Viber or Facebook.

It is noted that the energy personnel around the country around the clock are doing everything possible so that people get light as soon as possible.

"After turning on the light, we ask you not to turn on all electrical appliances at the same time - this can lead to a new accident in your neighborhood or home due to a sharp connection of a large load at once," DTEK urges.