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AFU Air Force Defines Complexes And Aircraft Needed To Strengthen Air Defense

AFU Air Force Defines Complexes And Aircraft Needed To Strengthen Air Defense

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To protect the sky, Ukraine needs many more air defense systems, and for the rapid liberation of the occupied territories, a wide range of aircraft such as F-15 and F-16 are needed. This was stated by the speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat on the air of the national telethon on November 26.

"We need a lot. These complexes are designed to create an updated air defense system on their basis. To date, the basis still remains Soviet samples, such as Buk-M1, S-300.

NASAMS and IRIS-T, which now operate very efficiently in the firing line, that is, cover airspace, are, unfortunately, in limited numbers. This is just one IRIS-T installation and two NASAMS batteries to date...

These systems are designed to replace the old weapons that we still have from the Soviet Union... It is also necessary to strengthen with such systems as Patriot or SAMP-T, which can also work for ballistic purposes.

Therefore, of course, today we are dependent on Western weapons, which are coming. This applies to artillery systems, and equipment, tanks in particular. And definitely we need planes. Without the technological aircraft that NATO countries have today, a special wide range of weapons that have aircraft such as F-15, F-16, it will be very difficult...

I would like to have such a spectrum in service in the Air Force, because it will quickly realize all our dreams, namely the liberation of our occupied territories," said the official representative of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Ihnat added that dialogue and work on various fronts, political and diplomatic in particular, on obtaining modern fighters, does not stop.