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Enemy Suffering Heavy Losses In Luhansk Region - General Staff

Enemy Suffering Heavy Losses In Luhansk Region - General Staff

Luhansk region, losses of Russia

The enemy is suffering huge losses in the Luhansk Region.

This was announced by the General Staff of Ukraine, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"There are a large number of losses in enemy units operating in the Luhansk Region. In general, in the temporarily occupied territory of the region, the number of civilian hospitals used by the enemy to treat exclusively the Russian military has increased," the report said.

According to the General Staff, for the civilian population of the region, medical services are becoming less available.

Krasnyi Luch, Antratsyt and Lutuhyne hospitals in the Luhansk Region are overflowing with wounded occupiers, and morgues with the bodies of killed invaders.

The General Staff notes that the losses of the enemy for November 24 were confirmed in the temporarily occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia Region.

In the city of Melitopol, the ammunition depot of the invaders was destroyed, about 50 people were injured of varying severity.

Two warehouses were destroyed in the Vasylivskyi district, here up to 130 occupiers were wounded, and 7 pieces of military equipment of various types were also destroyed.

The number of eliminated enemy personnel is being specified.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in the Luhansk Region, the occupiers demand money from local residents for avoiding mobilization.

Also in the Luhansk Region, the occupiers are looking for left-behind private houses to settle those mobilized from the Russian Federation.

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