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Russia Hits Kherson Again

Russia Hits Kherson Again

kherson, Kherson shelling

The Russian occupiers have once again fired on the recently liberated Kherson, as a result of which a car was damaged, and people were injured.

This was stated by the first deputy head of the Kherson regional council Yurii Sobolevskyi.

"There are casualties among civilians," he said.

In local publics on a social network reports appear that a civilian car came under fire. Three people were injured.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, patients of hospitals are being evacuated in Kherson due to constant Russian shelling.

On November 25, the police of the Kherson Region reported that the Russian occupiers are firing around the clock on Kherson and its suburbs.

On November 24, the Russian occupiers fired at a residential area in Kherson and hit a high-rise building.

On November 23, 23 settlements suffered from Russian shelling in the Kherson Region.

The government offers residents of Kherson free evacuation to Kryvyi Rih, Mykolaiv and Odesa, with the possible further movement to the Kirovohrad Region, the Khmelnytskyi Region or to the western regions of Ukraine due to the difficult security situation in the city.

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