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Putin Hopes To Buy Time With Help Of Mobilized And Start Everything From Beginning In Spring - Media

Putin Hopes To Buy Time With Help Of Mobilized And Start Everything From Beginning In Spring - Media

Kyiv, invasion of Kyiv

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to seize Kyiv and in order to achieve this goal, he is ready to wage war for several years. This winter, he wants to buy time through mobilized forces to accumulate forces for a second offensive against the capital of Ukraine.

The Russian publication "Important Stories" reports this with reference to its own sources in the General Staff of the Russian Federation and the FSB.

An interlocutor from the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation said that the Russian military command set itself the goal of delaying the advance of the Ukrainian army and stabilizing the situation at the front.

According to him, for this purpose, a mobilization was carried out, during which men are now thrown into combat areas.

"If in general terms, the plan is something like this: so far to buy time and stabilize the front with mobilized ones. And then start everything from the beginning in spring," the source said.

He noted that the Kremlin is aware that such a plan involves large losses. It is expected that by the spring of 2023 about 100,000 mobilized people will be killed and be injured. He emphasized that neither Putin nor the Russian command are afraid of such figures - the losses are planned to be replaced by conscripts.

Another interlocutor of the publication confirmed that at the moment the Russian command intends to consolidate the front line.

"Due to the lack of people, we sometimes had no people in the second line of defense at all. In some places, it was empty at intervals of up to 20 kilometers. Now these places are filled with mobilized," he said.

According to him, by the spring in Russia it is planned to prepare 120,000 conscripts. They will take the place of the mobilized.

For this reason, Putin does not cancel his mobilization decree.

Recall that on September 21, the so-called "partial mobilization" was announced in Russia. According to Russian officials, its task is to call 300,000 people into the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Already on October 28, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the completion of mobilization. At the same time, since then, Putin has not canceled his mobilization decree.

And on November 1, Shoigu promised that conscripts would allegedly not be sent to war in Ukraine.

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