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IAEA Calls Simultaneous Disconnection From Power Grid Of All NPPs Of Ukraine On November 23 Unprecedented

IAEA Calls Simultaneous Disconnection From Power Grid Of All NPPs Of Ukraine On November 23 Unprecedented

The International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, Ukrainian NPPs

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has called the situation with the simultaneous disconnection from the external power supply of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants, which occurred as a result of a massive missile attack on Ukrainian power facilities on November 23, unprecedented.

This was stated in the message of the IAEA press service, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

IAEA Director General Grossi noted that Ukraine's nuclear industry suffered the largest loss of external power since the conflict began on November 23, saying that this further emphasizes the need to intensify actions to protect stations and prevent a serious nuclear accident.

"The complete and simultaneous loss of external power supply to Ukrainian nuclear power plants indicates that the situation with nuclear and security in the country is becoming more fragile, complex and potentially dangerous. This is the first time that all stations have lost external power at the same time. It was impossible to imagine before this tragic war. It's extremely disturbing. All military actions that threaten the security of Ukraine's nuclear facilities should be immediately stopped," said Director General Grossi.

The report notes that the need for safe external power supply from Ukraine's power grid for all nuclear facilities is one of the seven indispensable foundations for ensuring nuclear safety during armed conflict that the IAEA Director General outlined at the beginning of the war.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the press service of the Ukrenergo National Energy Company reported that the power system of Ukraine has already passed the most difficult stage after the last Russian massive attack - the power supply is back in all regions, the power system is again connected to the power system of the European Union.

It is also noted that all three nuclear power plants located on the unoccupied territory of Ukraine are already operating.

In 1-2 days, they will reach their normal planned capacity.