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AFU successful in Luhansk Region – Haidai

AFU successful in Luhansk Region – Haidai

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine are having success in the Luhansk Region.

The head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai, said this on the air of the telethon, according to Telegram.

So, as of the morning of November 24, it is reported that the AFU are making progress in the Svatove and Kreminna districts. The soldiers manage to advance little by little, but the conditions are unfavorable due to the rains - sometimes they have to be waist-deep in water or mud.

"I will not specify the names of settlements. We really have success there," said Haidai.

In addition, the AFU continue to repulse the offensives of the Russian occupiers from Bilohorivka.

Also, on November 24, "cotton" happened in the house of "one well-known collaborator" in the Luhansk Region. It is noted that the traitor liked to gather "respectable guests" from among the officers of the Russian Federation.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, on November 23, it became known that the occupiers had thrown up to 2,000 prisoners into battle near Bilohorivka and Bakhmut.

In addition, Haidai said that the AFU will be able to give "positive news" from the Luhansk direction when the frosts begin.

Meanwhile, in the Luhansk region, the Russian occupiers in the villages around the city of Dovzhansk mobilized almost all men under the age of 60.


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