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Ammunition Of 2022 Release Found At Abandoned Positions Of Russians, Which May Indicate Devastation Of Warehou

Ammunition Of 2022 Release Found At Abandoned Positions Of Russians, Which May Indicate Devastation Of Warehouses - Media

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On the liberated territory of the right-bank part of the Kherson Region, the Ukrainian military discovered artillery shells of the occupiers. It turned out that they were manufactured in the current year, which may indicate the use of warehouse stocks.

Defense Express writes about it.

During the retreat from the right-bank part of the region, the occupiers threw a large amount of equipment, weapons and ammunition for it.

It is noted that this in itself is an average and quite common situation. The same happened in the Kharkiv Region, during the rapid counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

However, the publication managed to find several photos from positions abandoned by the Russians, which "may shed light" on the real situation with the provision of the occupying army.

Thus, the Ukrainian military managed to find artillery shells manufactured in 2022. At the same time, the army, as a rule, tries to always use the oldest ammunition first.

Getting "fresh" shells into the combat zone is possible in two cases: when the warehouses are empty or when the logistics of supplies are severely disrupted, so that everything is transferred to the front, regardless of the service life.

The publication notes that this does not mean that the Russian army has ammunition left for several days. This only shows the trend that the old Soviet warehouses were probably devastated during the nine months of the war.

It is worth recalling that at the beginning of September, Western media reported that Russia had asked North Korea to sell it ammunition and short-range missiles.

Moscow took such a step because of large-scale sanctions, which are not allowing the production of weapons in pre-war quantities.

We also reported that Russia's stockpile of high-precision cruise and ballistic missiles allows it to carry out 5-6 massive attacks on Ukraine.