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Britain Transfers To Ukraine Modernized Brimstone 2 Laser-Guided Missiles. What Kind Of Weapon Is This?

Britain Transfers To Ukraine Modernized Brimstone 2 Laser-Guided Missiles. What Kind Of Weapon Is This?

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The United Kingdom transferred to Ukraine modernized Brimstone 2 laser-guided missiles with twice the range of the previous design. This is reported by The Telegraph and Defense Express on Tuesday, November 22.

Brimstone 2 Dual Mode has a longer firing range, upgraded warhead and laser guidance system compared to the original version of the missile. While the standard Brimstone has a range of 12 km when launched from a helicopter and 20 km from a jet, the second generation has a range of 40 and 60 km, respectively.

"Another important distinguishing feature of Brimstone 2 is the combined guidance system: a standard homing radar head, capable of identifying ground targets, and a classic semi-active with laser homing. The first allows the system to operate in the "fire and forget" mode, and the missiles can exchange information so that no two of them attack the same target. The latter provides for additional capabilities, such as targeting a UAV with a laser target," the statement said.

The cost of one rocket is about GBP 175,000. Brimstone 2 are laser guided or can select a target from a programmed list. The system scans the environment with the help of a high-frequency millimeter-wave radar, which allows to direct missiles exactly at a military object, excluding outsider vehicles or buildings.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 7, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, said that the NASAMS and Aspide anti-aircraft missile systems, which arrived in Ukraine, will significantly strengthen the Ukrainian army.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive four Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems as part of a new USD 400 million military aid package.

On November 10, the Minister of Defense of Spain, Margarita Robles, announced the transfer of two Hawk anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine.