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Russian army begins using ammunition produced in 2022

Russian army begins using ammunition produced in 2022

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The Russian Army has begun using artillery ammunition of the 2022 release, which speaks of the real state of affairs with the provision of the occupying forces.

This was reported by Defense Express.

During the retreat of the Russian Armed Forces from Kherson, they dropped more than one warehouse of ammunition and dozens of pieces of equipment. 152-mm projectiles, which were manufactured in 2022, were found at one of these positions. It was possible to establish the production date from the "8-22-3P" marking:

  • 8 standing for a batch’s number;
  • 22 is the year of production;
  • 3P is the base number.

The publication emphasizes that usually the oldest ammunition is used first. If freshly manufactured shells reach the front, then this can indicate two things - either there are no more old shells in the warehouse where they are stored, or the supply logistics are so broken that everything that was available was supplied.

As earlier reported, on Thursday, November 17, Russia once again subjected the territory of Ukraine to missile fire. Air defense forces managed to shoot down six out of 18 rockets fired by the invaders.

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, Russian troops fired at the country's gas production facilities and the Pivdenmash enterprise in Dnipro.


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