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Ukrainians Will Live With Blackouts At Least Till End Of March - Yasno

Ukrainians Will Live With Blackouts At Least Till End Of March - Yasno

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Ukrainians need to get used to living in power outages at least until the end of March. All forecasts will depend on Russian attacks on Ukraine's energy system.

Serhii Kovalenko, the Director General of the YASNO energy company announced this on Facebook on Monday, November 21.

Kovalenko noted that today there were different types of power outages, as a result of which there were more than 953,000 customers without light.

"Although there are fewer outages now, I want everyone to understand: most likely Ukrainians will have to live in outage mode at least until the end of March. The basic scenario is that if there are no new attacks on the power grid, then under the current conditions of electricity generation, the power deficit can be evenly distributed throughout the country. That means shutdowns will be everywhere but less prolonged. There are also various forecasts of the development of this situation, and they depend entirely on the attacks of Russia," the statement said.

Kovalenko explained that if there are no new Russian attacks, then there will be enough electricity and Ukraine will be able to refuse outages at all. If the network is severely damaged, then resorting to emergency blackouts will be necessary, and light will be absent for a very long time. He noted that Ukrainians should be ready for even the worst options - to stock up on warm clothes, blankets, think about how to wait out a long shutdown.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 17, the Ukrenergo National Power Company reported that the Ukrainian power system suffered unprecedented destruction due to Russian shelling.

Also, on November 17, in a report, the European Commission called the destruction of the power system of Ukraine critical.

On November 18, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that Russian missile strikes disabled about half of Ukraine's energy system.