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Air Force Says When Russia Establishes Release Of Iranian UAVs

Air Force Says When Russia Establishes Release Of Iranian UAVs

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Russia and Iran have struck a deal to produce Iranian attack drones on Russian territory, but the launch of production will not be quick, and it will take months. This was announced by the speaker of the Air Force of Ukraine Yurii Ihnat.

It is reported that it is possible to deploy UAV production in Russia, the country has the necessary equipment. However, it will take time to launch, and this may be delayed, because in the Russian Federation there will be people who want to make money on this.

"You can deploy all this at some facilities, just bring it to where there is already equipment. But it still takes time. And, as we know, in Russia this process can be delayed, because maybe someone will also want to make extra money on this," he said.

Yurii Ihnat said that Iran wants to circumvent Western sanctions by handing Russia drawings and technologies for the production of weapons.

He noted that at this stage of the war drones are important weapons because they allow striking Russian troops in the rear. Yurii Ihnat also did not rule out that the possible provision of ballistic missiles by Iran to Russia could slow down due to diplomatic factors.

"Perhaps some diplomatic resources are included, negotiation processes, perhaps some countries affect this," the speaker added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 1, CNN reported that Iran is preparing to send Russia strike drones and short-range surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

Also on November 1, the Ministry of Defense reported that Iran plans to send more than 200 drones to Russia in early November.