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Russians Shelled Recently Liberated Kherson

Russians Shelled Recently Liberated Kherson

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The Russian occupiers opened fire on Kherson, which they recently lost and still call a "Russian city".

This was reported by the Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council Yurii Sobolevskyi.

According to him, the Russian army hit the civilian infrastructure of the city. Sobolevskyi also noted that there are wounded civilians as a result of shelling, and they are receiving medical assistance.

We will remind you that a few days ago the occupiers were already shelling the liberated Kherson.

Besides, fleeing from the city, the occupiers engaged in looting. Its consequences in museums were published by local authorities. The local history and art museum in Kherson turned out to be almost completely robbed.

Also, the Russians mined almost all the rooms in the Kherson SSU building. Mines are found there even under printers. The Armed Forces of Ukraine say that it will be safer to blow up a house than to demine it.

In general, this fleeing of Russians turned out to be more thought out and organized than in the Kharkiv Region.

Meanwhile, mobilized Russians are outraged by the transfer from Kherson to the Luhansk Region. Therefore, the occupiers set up additional checkpoints to catch deserters.