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AFU Destroy Almost 400 Occupiers. General Staff Names Russia’s Losses Over Past Day

AFU Destroy Almost 400 Occupiers. General Staff Names Russia’s Losses Over Past Day

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Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Russian Federation has already lost 84,600 of its soldiers. Ukrainian defenders destroyed another 390 occupiers in the past day.

This is evidenced by the data of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The total combat losses of the enemy as of November 21 approximately amounted to:

  • personnel - about 84,600 (+390) persons were eliminated,
  • tanks - 2,892 (+6) units,
  • armored combat vehicles - 5,822 (+5) units,
  • artillery systems - 1,870 (+2) units,
  • MLRS - 393 (+0) units,
  • air defense equipment - 209 (+0) units,
  • aircraft - 278 (+0) units,
  • helicopters - 261 (+0) units,
  • UAV of operational-tactical level - 1,537 (+0),
  • cruise missiles - 480 (+0),
  • ships/boats - 16 (+0) units,
  • automotive equipment and tank trucks - 4,378 (+7) units,
  • specialequipment - 161 (+0).

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier the Armed Forces established control in 60 settlements of the Kherson Region.

On November 13, the Ukrainian Armed Forces regained control over the village of Makiyivka, Krasnorichenska community, Luhansk Region.

In addition, the Armed Forces destroyed the enemy's weapons depots in Nova Kakhovka and Oleshky.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces confirmed the defeat of a Russian column of equipment in the area of ​​Syrotyne settlement of the Luhansk Region.