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Emergency Blackouts Introduced In Kyiv, Schedules Do Not Apply

Emergency Blackouts Introduced In Kyiv, Schedules Do Not Apply

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Emergency power outages were introduced in Kyiv and the Kyiv Region. This was reported on the Yasno website.

"According to the instructions of the Ukrenergo National Power Company, emergency shutdowns have been applied in Kyiv. Outage schedules temporarily do not work until the situation is stabilized," the website says.

"In Kyiv there are emergency blackouts. Emergency outage schedules that have been drawn up previously are currently not valid," DTEK Kyiv Grids also reports on the website and provides a link from which you can check the outage.

In the Kyiv Region, there is also an emergency situation with electricity.

"There are emergency blackouts in the region. Emergency outage schedules that were drawn up earlier are currently irrelevant," the DTEK Kyiv Regional Grids website notes.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, previously DTEK denied the call for Ukrainians to evacuate abroad for the winter. Earlier, a number of media reported that DTEK CEO Maksym Timchenko urged Ukrainians to think about leaving the country for several months due to the difficult power supply situation.

On November 15, Russia launched the largest missile attack on Ukraine's energy system. The situation is very serious, but controlled.