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Ukrainian Marines Escaped From Captivity. First Details Appeared

Ukrainian Marines Escaped From Captivity. First Details Appeared

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Ukrainian marines-scouts returned to the territory controlled by Ukraine, organizing their escape from captivity.

MP Ihor Kopytin announced this on Facebook.

"I will reveal some details of the rescue of the scout marines, who managed to be returned from Russian captivity the other day, and with whom I met as a representative of the Coordinating Staff for the Treatment of Prisoners of War. The story of their release is worth making a film about. The guys during the hostilities got into captive to the Russian occupiers. They were held in the currently uncontrolled territory of Ukraine. This was learned by the command of the Navy and Marine Corps, where they decided to plan an operation to try to get the guys out of captivity, because we do not abandon ours. As a result, it was possible to organize the escape of the scouts from captivity, and then transfer them to the territory controlled by Ukraine. Now the guys are safe and their lives are not in danger," said the MP.

The MP noted that the "cyborg" and defender of Azovstal Artem Dyblenko, who recently returned from enemy captivity, took part in the operation to free the marines.

On Saturday, the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that more than a week ago, as a result of actions carried out under the leadership of the Navy, "three servicemen of a separate marine infantry battalion were withdrawn from the occupied territory. Details were not provided."

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, several defenders of Ukraine were freed from Russian captivity. 3 Ukrainian marines returned home on November 19.