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Russians, Fleeing From Kherson, Looted Museums

Russians, Fleeing From Kherson, Looted Museums

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The Russian occupiers, fleeing from Kherson, looted the art and local history museums: they smashed the showcases there, removed the exhibits from the stands and took away the valuables in an unknown direction.

The Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Oleksandr Tkachenko, said this in a comment on the FREEDOM TV channel.

He said that he arrived in Kherson on November 19 by the first train.

"It was important for me to make sure what the Russian occupiers left behind in Kherson. What I managed to see, apart from anger, does not cause anything else," the minister said.

Now, museum workers cannot even name the exact amount of damage. Reconciliation with registers of artifacts that were in art and local history museums begins.

"But first we understand that about 80% of the works were stolen from the art museum and a large collection from the local history museum," Tkachenko clarified.

The minister noted that with the beginning of the full-scale war, looting of Ukrainian museums by the occupiers took place mainly in the south of the Kherson Region and in the south of the Donetsk Region.

The local publication Vhoru showed how the empty museum halls in Kherson look like.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, mobilized Russians are outraged by the transfer from Kherson to the Luhansk Region. Therefore, the occupiers set up additional checkpoints to catch deserters.

A few days ago, the occupiers shelled the liberated Kherson.