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Russia Has Ammunition Left For Month Of Fighting - Media

Russia Has Ammunition Left For Month Of Fighting - Media

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Experts believe that the main reason for the retreat of the Russians from Kherson was the acute shortage of ammunition. The Russian army will be able to conduct active hostilities for about a month.

This is reported in the Economist weekly.

Western sources believe that Russia is running out of ammunition. It is not only about cruise and ballistic missiles, but also about artillery shells. According to them, there are about 120 Iskanders left. According to estimates, artillery shells remain for about a month. That is why the Russian Federation hastily retreated from Kherson.

However, there are also few shells in Ukraine, in particular, for air defense. Because of this, pessimists conclude that the Ukrainian offensive will slow down. Instead, more optimistic experts remind us of Ukraine's greater numerical advantage in combat-capable military personnel. The morale of Ukrainians is high, this will help overcome the burden of winter time. And Ukraine has more high-precision munitions, such as GMLRS and Excalibur rounds.

Success of Ukraine in the offensive will depend on the supply of ammunition from Europe and the USA, but Ukraine will be able to feel the effect of this no earlier than next summer.

We will remind you that a new large-scale offensive of Russian troops has not yet taken place, despite the heavy fighting in the Bakhmut and Avdiyivka directions.