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Demand For Private Bunkers In Russia Soared By 430%

Demand For Private Bunkers In Russia Soared By 430%

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After the start of mobilization, the demand for private bunkers in the Russian Federation increased fivefold. This happened especially noticeably in the south and in the border regions with Ukraine. In some cases, the Russians asked to convert the basement of the house, and in others - to build them a shelter the very next day.

"After the start of mobilization and "special military operation" (SMO), we observed an increased interest in the construction of private bunkers - the demand increased many times. There were a lot of applications, a large number of them came from the south of Russia, from the border areas," Danila Andreev, director general of Spetsgeoproekt, said to RBC-Nedvizhimost.

According to Nikita Malezhik, founder of the BunkerHouse project, demand increased by 430% after September 21.

"This was not observed even after the start of "SMO," Malezhik emphasized.

He added that not all of the applications were implemented - it takes two to three months for construction, and many asked to build a bunker for several people the next day.

The minimum cost of a private bunker starts from RUB 1 million (about USD 16,500 - ed.) for a concrete structure, hydro- and heat-insulated along the contour. An autonomous bunker with a diesel generator, a supply of water, fuel, a septic tank and a bathroom will cost from USD 82,200 and more.

At the Spetsgeoproekt company, the cost of converting a basement starts from USD 82,200 - USD 115,000, and the construction of a new facility - from USD 246,600 - USD 328,800.

"For USD 246,600 you can build a 50 square meters turnkey facility," Andreev says.