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Russian Authorities Preparing For Another Wave Of Mobilization - ISW

Russian Authorities Preparing For Another Wave Of Mobilization - ISW

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Researchers from the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) believe that Russia is in for another wave of mobilization, which will worsen the overall quality of Russian troops being transferred to the front in Ukraine. This is stated in the text of another analytical note published on the institution's official portal.

"The continuation of covert mobilization activities and the potential preparation for the next wave of mobilization in tandem with the current fall conscription cycle are likely to create a significant burden on the already overburdened Russian Armed Forces formation apparatus," the text of the document from ISW states.

Analysts recall that the Kremlin previously stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not need to sign a decree formally ending the mobilization period.

According to ISW, Putin likely ordered the end of so-called partial mobilization to free up bureaucratic and administrative capacity for conscription.

"However, it is clear that the Russian authorities have never stopped mobilization efforts completely, which means that a limited number of mobilized conscripts are still going through the training system at the same time that conscripts go through their own training cycle," the researchers noted.

Another wave of mobilization, ISW suggests, is likely to lead to even lower quality training for both mobilized conscripts and conscripts soldiers as they compete for an insufficient number of "training" places.

"The next wave of mobilization in the coming months will only worsen the situation and will probably worsen the overall quality of the Russian troops that will be sent to the front in Ukraine," analysts from the USA concluded.