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Belarus Announced That It Shot Down "Ukrainian" Drone For The First Time

Belarus Announced That It Shot Down "Ukrainian" Drone For The First Time

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The border service of Belarus reported on the downed drone on the border with Ukraine and called it a "provocation" by Kyiv.

According to the authority, the incident took place in the Kobryn district. The drone was shot down by Pinsk border guards 100 meters from the border - they shot it with a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

"The quadcopter was equipped with a video camera and was used for conducting reconnaissance and filming technical means of border protection on the territory of Belarus," the State Border Committee said. In this regard, an additional check is being conducted.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the State Border Control Service of Belarus reported a similar case on November 2, a kilometer from the border in the Gomel district. However, it was said at the time that the drone was not shot down, but "forced to land". After analyzing the content of the discovered photos and videos, the border guards came to the conclusion that the drone "was used for training in moving explosive devices and conducting reconnaissance."

Also, the head of the border committee of Belarus, Anatoly Lappo, said that Ukraine blew up bridges in the direction of Gomel and Mozyr, continues to mine the territories near the border and "build up" engineering barriers there.

"Now they are starting to blow up all the bridges in the Volyn direction. All the roads are impassable," he said.