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Stabilizing Power Outages Will Take Place In Ukraine Today

Stabilizing Power Outages Will Take Place In Ukraine Today

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Today, November 18, stabilizing power outages will be applied in Ukraine. DTEK reported this in a Telegram channel.

"Today, the state-owned company NEC Ukrenergo applies stabilizing power outages. You can check the presence of current outages or familiarize yourself with the schedule of stabilizers at https://www.dtek-kem.com.ua/ua/shutdowns. We make every effort to ensure that the outage lasts no more than 4 hours for each group of consumers," the statement reads.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during the day of November 17, hourly power outages schedules were introduced throughout Ukraine. Emergency power outages are also planned today.

It is noted that on November 15, Russia carried out the largest missile attack on the energy system of Ukraine. The situation is very serious, but under control.

It was reported that in the Lviv Region, as a result of Russian missile fire on November 15, three energy facilities were critically damaged.