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Air Force Explains Why Air Defense Work Today Was Not So Successful

Air Force Explains Why Air Defense Work Today Was Not So Successful

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On the morning of November 17, the Russian occupiers fired 18 missiles at Ukraine mainly from their aircraft. However, only 6 of them were shot down by the Ukrainian air defense. Air Force Speaker Yurii Ihnat told on the air of the telethon why today the work of air defense was not so successful.

According to Ihnat, four cruise missiles and 5 Shaheds were shot down in the Kyiv Region, and at least two Kh-59 guided aviation missiles in the Odesa Region. Regarding other air threats, the information is being clarified.

A spokesman for the Air Force Command noted that today it was not possible to work as effectively as in the past days, when Russia massively shelled Ukrainian cities and towns. According to Ihnat, this is due to the fact that the enemy uses various factors so that more missiles get through.

"This is due to the fact that Ukraine does not have enough air defense equipment to work effectively. Today we need those very systems that give 100% result in the directions where they stand. We cannot now specify where Iris-T and NASAMS are, but in the areas of their responsibility these complexes definitely shoot down everything that gets in the area of ​ ​ their defeat of cruise missiles or Shaheds," the Air Force spokesman explained.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy published a video from the moment of today's hit of a Russian missile in Dnipro.

Also in the Kyiv Region during the air raid, the operation of air defense systems was recorded.