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Winter Will Affect Situation At Front. Expert Told Whether AFU Ready For Combat Operations In Cold Conditions

Winter Will Affect Situation At Front. Expert Told Whether AFU Ready For Combat Operations In Cold Conditions

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Winter can somewhat slow down the progress of hostilities at the front, if the weather conditions are conducive to this. However, Ukrainian fighters are ready for winter battles.

Serhii Kuzan, adviser to the Ministry of Defense, head of the Ukrainian Center for Security and Cooperation, told about this in a comment for RBC-Ukraine.

The expert explained that in our climatic and geographical conditions, autumn and spring are the worst seasons for an army to advance. Because in the south, due to the rain, the soil turns into mud. This, in turn, reduces the rate of advancement of any units.

"If we are talking about winter, in particular if it has little snow, but it is frosty, then all this armored equipment can be used. It has certain peculiarities in lubricants and additives, that is, special maintenance of this equipment is required in frost. But our army is ready for all this," - Kuzan explained.

He also reminded that the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have experience of combat operations since 2014 in winter conditions, unlike the Russian army.

"Their more experienced units that previously fought on the territory of Ukraine in winter - the 1st and 2nd army corps of the so-called "LDNR" - suffered huge losses in battles. That is, many personnel have already changed there since the beginning of the war, because with these corps the gaps were constantly plugged," the expert emphasized.

Kuzan emphasized that the provision of the Ukrainian army is better organized. It is about warm clothes, equipment and sleeping bags. Demoralized Russians also have problems with medicine.

"Plus, they have a problem with medical care and medicines. If a soldier is malnourished, if he is sick, if he is not properly warmed - of course, they do not have any thermal underwear - this is a soldier with low morale and poor health. These are the factors that play in our favor. Therefore, in the winter we will feel much more confident than they do in their positions," the expert added.