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Ukraine's Energy System Experienced Unprecedented Destruction - Ukrenergo

Ukraine's Energy System Experienced Unprecedented Destruction - Ukrenergo

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The Ukrenergo national energy company carries out emergency and stabilization power outages to balance the energy system of Ukraine, which has suffered unprecedented destruction as a result of attacks by the Russian Federation. This is stated in the message of the Ukrenergo national energy company.

Emergency and stabilizing power outages are necessary to prevent large-scale and complex accidents on grids.

The company emphasized that Ukrainians can help reduce the number of outages by minimizing the use of electricity. Ukrenergo recommended unplugging all appliances that are not needed at the moment, and also called for turning on energy-intensive appliances one at a time.

"Even with such simple actions, you will support the Ukrainian energy industry. We are all an energy front! Let's hold on!" the company emphasized.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, hourly power outages schedules will be introduced throughout Ukraine during the day of November 17. Emergency power outages are also planned today.

It is noted that on November 15, Russia carried out the largest missile attack on the energy system of Ukraine. The situation is very serious, but under control.

It was reported that in the Lviv Region, as a result of Russian missile fire on November 15, three energy facilities were critically damaged.