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Russia Launches USD 700-900 Million Worth Missiles Yesterday - Forbes

Russia Launches USD 700-900 Million Worth Missiles Yesterday - Forbes

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Yesterday's missile attack on Ukraine with cruise missiles cost Russia about USD 700-900 million.

It is reported by Forbes.

They said that the cost of one Kh-101 missile is USD 13 million, and a Kh-555 missile - USD 4 million. One Kalibr missile is worth USD 6.5 million. Thus, in total, the Russian Federation shot about USD 900 million.

Forbes experts report that they do not have exact figures on how many missiles the Russian Federation launched yesterday on the territory of Ukraine. It is known that the bulk of the missiles were fired from bombers from the Caspian area and the Rostov Region.

Recall that earlier the General Staff said that for shelling Ukraine, the Russians used cruise missiles of three types. The enemy also used kamikaze drones Shahed-136.

As a result of massive rocket fire, energy infrastructure facilities were damaged. The Office of the President called the state of the country's power system critical.

We also reported that several Russian missiles hit residential buildings in Kyiv. It is known that from the rubble of one of them, rescuers took out the body of the deceased.

The missile strikes that Russia launched on November 15 against Ukraine's energy infrastructure have become the most massive since the beginning of the war.