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Next Few Days Will Be Difficult, Outages Will Be Longer - Ukrenergo

Next Few Days Will Be Difficult, Outages Will Be Longer - Ukrenergo

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Due to massive shelling by Russian troops of energy facilities throughout Ukraine, today in all regions, both hourly power outages according to schedules and emergency ones will be applied throughout the day. This was reported by Ukrenergo.

Hourly outages will be longer. The reason for this is not only shelling, but also colder weather, which is why electricity consumption will increase and the load on the networks, respectively, too.

"The next few days will be difficult: colder weather is approaching and electricity consumption will grow, respectively, the load on the networks too. Therefore, we ask you to take with understanding the outages that will be implemented as necessary, as well as not to abandon the habit of economically using electricity," Ukrenergo emphasized.

Ukrainians were also urged to make water supplies, have phones and power banks charged.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, emergency blackouts continue in Kyiv and the region. The schedules are not valid.

Electricity supply to Ukrainians was not fully returned - in seven regions restoration continues.