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"You can't help but touch it", Stanislav Dovgiy described the new science museum in Chernivtsi

"You can't help but touch it", Stanislav Dovgiy described the new science museum in Chernivtsi

Stanislav Dovgiy, SAS, Museum of Science

At the beginning of December, the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (SAS) opens the Museum of Science in Chernivtsi for young visitors. What will be exhibited in the museum, who has helped implement the project and why it is important even during the war, Stanislav Dovgiy, the President of the Small Academy of Sciences, told at a press conference on November 14.

In the museum, young visitors can explore physical, chemical, biological and other scientific phenomena in an interesting game form. For experiments, more than 80 exhibits are mounted in the museum, most of which will be brought to Chernivtsi from Kyiv, some of the exhibits are kindly provided by the Museum of Interesting Science from Odesa, others will arrive from international partners. In particular, the German museum Technoseum in Mannheim handed over the exhibition "Optical Illusions", which will demonstrate the features of the Ames room, provide an opportunity to look through the mirror labyrinth and understand the principles of the kaleidoscope.

The opening of science museums in Western Ukraine should provide equal educational opportunities to all Ukrainian children, including internally displaced persons. So, in April of this year, the first such institution in the region was opened in Lviv, which worked until July, and during that time it was visited by more than 10,000 children.

Currently, the Small Academy of Sciences implements the project in cooperation with the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, the Chernivtsi Regional Council and the Chernivtsi City Council on the basis of the Bukovyna Small Academy of Sciences for Pupils. The premises for the museum were provided by the owners of the Boyanivka shopping centre.

The total cost of the project upon completion will be about 10 million hryvnias – this is exactly the cost of exhibits, repair and preparatory works. Craftsmen from the Chernivtsi Union of Artists joined in support: they provided their paintings for a charity auction in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the creation of a museum.

"We did some repairs and made the premises complying with the requirements of the museum, brought exhibits. It was agreed that the official opening of the museum would take place on December 7. Testing is currently underway, with small groups of children walking through the museum. All branches of local government immediately supported the project, especially because of the significant number of temporarily displaced children in the region who need educational and scientific support. The head of the Chernivtsi regional council, Oleksiy Boyko, was one of the first to support the idea of creating a Science Museum in Chernivtsi, he came to Kyiv and got acquainted with the work of our museum. And the Chernivtsi branch of the Small Academy of Sciences allocated additional places of work for hiring employees of the future museum," Stanislav Dovgiy said.

Representatives of local authorities believe that supporting such projects is a priority. After all, the best investment in the future is taking care of children's quality education, which will give excellent results in the long run.

"In order for us to have a Science Museum, the city and regional authorities jointly solved all household and financial problems. I had the idea that Stanislav Oleksiiovych Dovgiy was testing me for endurance, how much patience I would have until I said – enough, there would be no more Museum of Science in Chernivtsi. But I'm used to seeing things through. I see this attitude in Stanislav Oleksiiovych as well. Therefore, I am now breathing a sigh of relief, we succeeded in everything, and we can present our children with a beautiful museum," Oleksiy Boyko said half-jokingly.

"We managed to create all the necessary conditions for the opening of the Museum of Science. It is very important for us. I know how many cities are fighting to have similar exposure. The museum gives our children the opportunity to interestingly study chemical, physical, anatomical and other processes. The child gets to know himself/herself and the world, in a playful way he/she supplements the knowledge acquired in educational institutions," Ruslan Zaparanyuk, head of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, said supporting his colleague.

According to the President of the Small Academy of Sciences, the next Science Museum will be opened in Uzhhorod, and later in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil.

In general, in the coming years, the Small Academy of Sciences plans to open 10 museums throughout Ukraine. Each exhibition will run for about six months, because that is how long on average it is interesting for the audience – children and their parents. Therefore, the exhibits will be transported from city to city – from Ternopil to Lviv, from Lviv to Chernivtsi, etc.

"At the entrance to the museum it is written: "You can't help but touch it'!" That is, children have the opportunity to play with exhibits. This means that two components are combined – entertaining and educational. And the tour guides tell the child where the science is hidden here. In this way, you can perceive and study this or that law in a completely different way," Stanislav Dovgiy concluded.

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