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Emergency Power Outages Continue In Kyiv And Region. Schedules Not In Effect

Emergency Power Outages Continue In Kyiv And Region. Schedules Not In Effect

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Emergency power outages are still in use in Kyiv and the region. Power outages schedules are not in effect. This was reported by the energy supplier Yasno.

"According to the instructions of Ukrenergo, emergency power outages have been applied in Kyiv. Power outages schedules are temporarily suspended until the situation is stabilized," the message reads.

They note that after massive Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, the situation with electricity supply remains difficult and unstable.

"Energy companies are making maximum efforts to stabilize it. That's why the status of probable outages is changing soon," Yasno added.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russian missiles hit two residential apartment buildings in Kyiv.

Russia also launched a missile attack on Kharkiv, the city authorities were forced to stop the subway.

In addition, the occupiers struck an energy infrastructure facility in the Poltava Region.

And in the Zhytomyr Region, during the air alert, residents heard several explosions, perhaps it was the work of air defense.