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US DoD Cannot Confirm That Russian Missiles Hit Poland - Reuters

US DoD Cannot Confirm That Russian Missiles Hit Poland - Reuters

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The U.S. Department of Defense cannot confirm that missiles of the Russian Federation crossed the border of Poland near the Ukrainian border, said Pentagon spokesman Brigadier General Patrick Ryder. This was reported by Reuters on Tuesday, November 15.

“We are aware of the press reports alleging that two Russian missiles have struck a location inside Poland near the Ukraine border. I can tell you that we don't have any information at this time to corroborate those reports and are looking into this further," Ryder said at a news briefing.

The publication notes that Polish firefighters reported the death of two people in an explosion in Przewodow, a village in eastern Poland near the border with Ukraine. Also, information about the very hit of two missiles and the death of people was reported by Polish radio ZET, without giving more details.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on the evening of November 15, Piotr Muller, press secretary of the Polish government, said that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called an emergency meeting of the country's Security Council.

After that, The Associated Press, citing an informed American official, said that it was Russian missiles that crossed the border and fell on the territory of Poland after their launch for a massive strike on Ukraine.

Recall, on November 15, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said that during today's massive rocket attack on Ukraine by Russia, the country's air defense shot down 73 missiles from more than 90 cruise missiles.

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