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Police Take Control Of 182 Settlements In Kherson Region - Klymenko

Police Take Control Of 182 Settlements In Kherson Region - Klymenko

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The police took control of 182 settlements in the Kherson Region.

The head of the National Police Ihor Klymenko announced this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"182 settlements of the Kherson Region are under police control. And the police presence in the de-occupied territories will increase every day," he said.

According to Klymenko, there is still a lot of work, especially for explosion technicians.

"It is necessary to examine each administrative building, infrastructure facility, so that it becomes possible to restore the normal life of the city. Day and night, the streets of Kherson are patrolled by police units. Locals can always turn to them for help. Also, the police of the Kherson Region launched a chatbot on Telegram @Warcrimes_Police_KhS_UA_bot, with which you can report the crimes of the occupiers," the head of the National Police said.

The leadership of the National Police and the Ministry of Interior Affairs held an operational meeting on the organization of police work in the liberated settlements of the Kherson Region.

Klymenko added that many police premises were damaged, and in some places completely destroyed.

He examined the Kherson district police department.

"Here the occupiers arranged their “authority.” Now the building is smashed in places, littered, but can fully function. Local police are preparing to resume work there," said Klymenko.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 200 police officers are working in the territory of de-occupied Kherson.