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Zelenskyy Calls Liberation Of Kherson Turning Point In War

Zelenskyy Calls Liberation Of Kherson Turning Point In War

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian army a turning point in Russia's war with Ukraine. Zelenskyy said this in his video address to the participants of the Group of Twenty (G20) summit, which is taking place in Bali (Indonesia), Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Zelenskyy reported that he had just returned to Kyiv from the liberated Kherson.

"Kherson is one of the most important cities in the south of our country and the only regional center that Russia managed to capture after February 24. And now Kherson is free. What does this mean? This liberation operation of our defense forces is for Ukraine an analogy to many battles of the past, which were turning points in wars. They symbolized the kind of change after which people already knew whose victory was going to be won, even though they still had to fight for it. It's like D-Day - the Allied landings in Normandy. It was not yet a tipping point in the struggle against evil, but already determined the entire further course of events. This is exactly what we feel now. Now, when Kherson is free," he said.

The President noted that in order to liberate the entire Ukrainian land from the Russian invaders, Ukraine will have to fight for some time.

Zelenskyy presented to the participants of the summit proposals of Ukraine, which must be implemented in order to end Russia's aggressive war with Ukraine as soon as possible and justly.

"But if victory will still be ours, and we are sure of it, then shouldn't we try to implement our peace formula in order to save thousands of lives and protect the world from new destabilizations?" he said.

In particular, Ukraine calls on the world public to unite to ensure radiation and nuclear, food, and energy security, the release of all captured and deported Ukrainians, the restoration of Ukraine's territorial integrity and the world order, the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, and the cessation of hostilities.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on November 11, Zelenskyy announced the liberation of Kherson.

On November 14, Zelenskyy arrived in Kherson, recently liberated from the Russian occupiers.