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AFU refutes liberation of Oleshky and Kinburn Spit

AFU refutes liberation of Oleshky and Kinburn Spit

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not confirm the information about the capture of Kinburn Spit and Oleshky on the left bank of the Kherson Region.

This follows from a statement by the South Operational Command.

"From Kinburn Spit, the enemy tried to attack Ochakiv using Grad MLRSes. Hits on the water area and piers. No losses. Our missile and artillery units fired 50 fire missions, in particular, on the deployment of enemy units, places of concentration of weapons and equipment, warehouses with ammunition in Oleshky," the message says.

Yesterday, Ukrainian social networks reported about the alleged release of Oleshky and Kinburn Spit. However, the official report indicates that there are still enemy forces in the occupied territories.

As earlier reported, Vitaly Kim said that Kinburn Spit is the only territory of the Mykolayiv Region that has not been freed from the occupiers.

In addition, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called the liberation of Kherson by the Ukrainian army a turning point in the war.

Meanwhile, the AFU eliminated another 710 Russian invaders over the past day. In general, the aggressor country lost 82,080 of its soldiers during the full-scale war against Ukraine.


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