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Russia destroys 2 key energy facilities in 2 regions of Ukraine – Ukrenergo

Russia destroys 2 key energy facilities in 2 regions of Ukraine – Ukrenergo

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Before fleeing, Russian occupiers in the south of Ukraine blew up an energy facility that provided power to the de-occupied territory and a large part of the Mykolayiv Region and shot the batteries.

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, the chairman of the board of Ukrenergo, said this on Facebook.

"Two auto transformers, each weighing 250 tons, were blown up. The relay protection hall, compressor, battery - which, according to the terrorists, did not make explosions, were additionally shot and crushed. Several hectares of the consequences of the impotent malice of the occupiers before fleeing from the right bank of the Kherson Region. A vile horde that can only to destroy," he wrote.

In addition, the rioters left many explosive objects behind - Ukrainian sappers are already examining the high-voltage lines that run along the territories where heavy fighting took place not long ago.

The head of Ukrenergo emphasized that, despite everything, the company, together with the Ukrainian Central Bank, the State Emergency Service and regional energy distribution companies, are developing schemes for the recovery of the liberated the Kherson Region from the neighboring two regions.

"We are working carefully, but we are not losing a single minute. Most of the liberated the Kherson Region has been without electricity since November 6. We are doing everything possible to restore people's health as soon as possible using the selected backup schemes," Kudrytskyi said.

According to him, the list of the necessary equipment for the Kherson Region was simultaneously transferred to foreign partners, and the system operators of Poland and France have already responded - the equipment is already on its way to Ukraine.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, in Kherson, the occupiers blew up the CHP plant, regional power plant, and water canal. The city was left without electricity and water.

It was also reported that the American aerospace company Maxar Technologies published satellite images on its page in the social network, which prove that the Russian invaders damaged the dam of the Kakhovka hydro-electric power plant in the Kherson Region.