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Certificate Of Examination By Medical Commission Is No Longer Reason For Crossing Border For Men With Disabili

Certificate Of Examination By Medical Commission Is No Longer Reason For Crossing Border For Men With Disabilities

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The Cabinet of Ministers excluded the reference to the inspection report by the medical and social expert commission (primary accounting documentation form No. 157-1/o) from the list of documents giving the right to cross the border to citizens of Ukraine with disabilities. This is stated in Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution No. 1212 of October 28, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Corresponding amendments have been made to the Rules for Crossing the State Border by Citizens of Ukraine. The reference is excluded as not containing personally identifiable information.

The certificate is a part of the form duplicating the information from the extract from the examination report by the medical and social expert commission, which is sent to social services for further payments and social benefits.

Such a certificate contains information about the group and cause of disability, the term of establishing disability, a conclusion on the conditions and nature of work, recommended measures to restore working capacity, which are mandatory for enterprises, institutions and organizations. However, it does not contain data that allows the identification of the person providing it, so there are risks regarding the possibility of its forgery.

"Responding to the President's instructions regarding the review of the petition on banning men from traveling abroad, as well as to prevent the falsification of certificates, reducing corruption risks and abuse of official position of MSEC employees (medical and social expert commission) and doctors of medical institutions when establishing a disability group, and - how the consequence is the termination of the schemes that appeared for the organization of the departure of conscripted men, appropriate amendments were made to the list of documents that give the right to cross the border," the message on the government's website reads.

According to the Rules for Crossing the State Border, during the introduction of a state of emergency or martial law on the territory of Ukraine, persons with disabilities have the right to cross the state border if they have:

a certificate confirming the relevant status,

or a pension certificate or a certificate confirming the appointment of social assistance, which indicates the group and cause of disability,

or certificates for receiving benefits by persons with disabilities who are not entitled to a pension or social assistance, in a form approved by the Ministry of Social Policy.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, during martial law, men aged 18 to 60 are prohibited from traveling abroad.

The Administration of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that during the martial law, the departure of students, post-graduate students and doctoral students studying in foreign educational institutions from Ukraine is restricted.