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SSU Starts Cleaning Kherson Of Traitors And Collaborators

SSU Starts Cleaning Kherson Of Traitors And Collaborators

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The Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) began to clear Kherson and other liberated towns and villages of the region from traitors, collaborators and agents of the Russian special services.

As the head of the SSU, Vasyl Maliuk, explained, the enemy could specially leave its agents in the de-occupied territory to perform certain tasks.

"Also, the SSU has a lot of operational information about traitors and collaborators who have defected to the enemy. So we are checking it directly on the spot. All those who betrayed Ukraine for the sake of "Russian world" will receive the well-deserved punishment," emphasized the head of the SSU, Vasyl Maliuk.

Today, the SSU has already found and detained one such agent in liberated Kherson. The Russian soldier was dressed in civilian clothes and tried to pretend to be a "local".

In fact, he was a soldier from the cover brigade of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He was left in the city to collect information, adjust fire and sabotage. Now the agent is testifying at the SSU.