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Behind the attacks on the UAF, the Kremlin's ears are sticking out: the "shouting" about Pavelko is being expe

Behind the attacks on the UAF, the Kremlin's ears are sticking out: the "shouting" about Pavelko is being expelled from Russian websites, - media

Andrii Pavelko. Фото: delo.ua
Andrii Pavelko. Фото: delo.ua

Waves of discrediting the Ukrainian Football Association in the Ukrainian media space are not uncommon. Football experts and journalists have not hidden for a long time that their source is the long-standing confrontation between People's Deputy from the OP-FL Grigory Surkis and the current president of UAF Andrii Pavelko. But this time, the wave of discrediting the UAF is particularly marked by the Russian trail, writes edition delo.ua.

Publications of a negative nature about the UAF and Andriy Pavelek, written in the style of "custom shouting" are published by Russian websites. In particular, "Criminal Russia" or "Elephant Ru". The systematicity of their work is indicated by the fact that the texts come out in parts, and most likely, they will have a continuation.

Previously, identical negative posts with a difference of a few minutes against Andriy Pavelek appeared in the "millionaires" Telegram channels, as well as in channels included in the FSB intelligence network.

Such posts contained the same accusations of an allegedly criminal nature against the leadership of the UAF. Although none of them, with the passage of 3-4 years (since they appeared in the media space), have not found their official confirmation from NABU, for example, or the court.

Before the attacks of various nature began on the UAF, Andriy Pavelko demanded from UEFA not to allow the Russian Federation to participate in the selection draw for EURO 2024. And this demand was satisfied.

Subsequently, the UAF demanded that the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina abandon the match against the national team of Russia. And the match was cancelled.

Later, Andriy Pavelko, as a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, announced an appeal to UEFA and FIFA with the demand to exclude the Russian Football Union from these international football organizations.

Before Pavelko was elected a member of the UEFA Executive Committee, Hryhoriy Surkis, the representative of the banned Ukrainian Football Association, was mentioned as the representative of Ukraine in this organization. His position regarding the Russian Federation was radically different. Surkis, for example, was suspected of lobbying the interests of the Kremlin, especially when they wanted to deprive Russia of the right to host the World Cup. And later these suspicions were confirmed in the form of a publicly announced, in the presence of Putin, thanks to Surkis - "for the invaluable help" of the Russian Federation in obtaining the right to host the 2018 World Cup.