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UK And EU Urge Allies To Neglect Russia In G20 - Media

UK And EU Urge Allies To Neglect Russia In G20 - Media

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Britain and the EU urge allies to boycott the speech of the Russian delegation at the G20 summit. This was reported by the British edition of The Daily Telegraph.

EU officials told the publication that they would do everything possible to isolate Russia at the summit. Instead of the President of the Russian Federation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov will arrive at the summit. Western countries plan to avoid Lavrov.

Also, world leaders will not take a traditional "family photo" during the summit, writes The Guardian. The publication noted that the cause is discomfort due to the presence of representatives of Russia.

"We are trying to work with partners to show very, very, very firmly what the international community thinks about all these crimes, atrocities and illegal actions of Russia," said an EU foreign policy official, adding that this means not meeting with Lavrov or anyone leading the Russian delegation.

According to him, Britain does not seek to coordinate foreign policy with the EU as a whole, but on this issue London has the same goal and mutually strengthens joint efforts.

The UK and the EU plan to confront Moscow over its illegal invasion of Ukraine and call for the de-escalation of the war.

"The war in Ukraine will be in the spotlight in Bali. There will be all heads of state except Putin. There is an opportunity to send a message to the world. There will be a coalition, and Russia will be isolated," a source told the publication, adding that the summit will not be ordinary.

"It is good to confront Russia directly. Lavrov will hear, as before, how isolated the Russian Federation is," the EU official said.

Despite reports that Washington is pushing Kyiv to be more open to peace talks with Russia, the Europeans are clear that any negotiations should take place on terms acceptable to Ukraine.

"There will be peace in Ukraine tomorrow if Russia stops the war, but there will be no Ukraine if Ukraine stops the war. Now is not the time for war, but we are clearly aware that nothing concerning Ukraine can be done without Ukraine. Ukraine must decide when they want to negotiate," the official said.

But sources admitted to fears that China and Russia would work together to influence any joint statement calling for de-escalation.

The EU representative said that China and the Russian Federation are closely coordinating their actions. Some countries, and Japan in particular, are keen for a joint statement to mention nuclear weapons after Putin stepped up his threats.

EU countries will attend the summit in Bali. While Rome, Berlin, Madrid and Paris are likely to support Russia's isolation, China will not. India and Saudi Arabia did not join Western sanctions against Moscow, and Turkiye assumed the role of mediator between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to speak via video link on the first panel on the impact of the war on global food security. Other topics to be discussed are the impact of the war on energy prices and the economic recovery after the coronavirus.

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