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US Will Continue To Make Efforts To Ensure That Ukraine Receives Necessary Weapons - Sullivan

US Will Continue To Make Efforts To Ensure That Ukraine Receives Necessary Weapons - Sullivan

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The United States will continue to make efforts to ensure that Ukraine has the weapons needed to fight. The U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated this during a briefing for journalists on board the plane of the U.S. President.

Jake Sullivan said the U.S. position is not changing, it remains the same as it was six months ago. The U.S. will do everything possible to ensure that Ukraine's position on the battlefields is strengthened.

He accompanies U.S. President Joe Biden during visits to Cambodia, where he will take part in US.-ASEAN summits and East Asian countries, and to Indonesia, where the G20 summit will take place.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the U.S. Department of Defense announced a new military assistance package for Ukraine for USD 400 million. It covers Avenger air defense systems, artillery ammunition and missiles for HIMARS, armored vehicles and a number of other military assets.

The Pentagon informed that missiles for the Hawk anti-aircraft complex, four Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems equipped with Stinger missiles, additional ammunition for the HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, 21,000 155 mm artillery shells, 500 precision 155 mm artillery shells, cold weather equipment and other military equipment would be delivered.

A press release from the U.S. Defense Ministry noted that the new U.S. aid package to Ukraine was the 25th since August 2021. In total, since the beginning of the work, the U.S. administration of President Joe Biden has provided Kyiv with military assistance worth more than USD 19.3 billion.