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Russia May Blow Up Nuclear Charge Over Ukraine To Hit Country With Electromagnetic Pulse - Media

Russia May Blow Up Nuclear Charge Over Ukraine To Hit Country With Electromagnetic Pulse - Media

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Russia can detonate a nuclear charge in the upper atmosphere, which will lead to an electromagnetic pulse that will disable almost all electronic equipment on the surface. As a result of such an attack, there will be no mass destruction or loss of life, as well as radiation pollution of the territory.

This is stated in an article of Financial Times.

The article says that although Russia has repeatedly voiced threats to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine, the Russian leadership may be considering striking with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

In order to provoke it, Russian troops will have to use nuclear weapons, but such an attack will be directed only against high-tech military equipment, communications equipment and most electronic equipment.

This will also lead to the destruction of most satellites in orbit over the territory of Ukraine. Many of them belong to Western countries and either provide Ukrainian military communication (Starlink system), or transmit satellite images to them.

The publication notes that the option of inflicting such an attack on Ukraine was discussed several times on Russian propaganda talk shows. A guest of one of the propaganda programs, a certain Russian colonel, even demonstrated maps and diagrams of how an electromagnetic pulse in Ukraine can work.

If EMP was used, Ukraine would have to stop active hostilities for a while to replace the disabled equipment. The publication writes that Russia could take advantage of such a pause to seize new territories.

Recall, on November 2, The New York Times reported that earlier the military and political leadership of Russia discussed the possibility of a nuclear strike on Ukraine.

In response, the Kremlin said that the Russian leadership did not hold any meetings where they allegedly discussed a nuclear strike on Ukraine.