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Ukraine Needs UAH 7.5 Billion To Restore Energy Facilities - Shmyhal

Ukraine Needs UAH 7.5 Billion To Restore Energy Facilities - Shmyhal

Russian missile attacks on energy facilities, shelling of electric energy facilities

Ukraine needs UAH 7.5 billion to restore energy facilities that are damaged and destroyed by Russian shelling.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this at a government meeting, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Over the past five weeks, dozens of Ukrenergo substations, more than 10 generation facilities have been shelled. Some (were shelled) several times. With the heroic efforts of our power engineers, we restore damaged and destroyed equipment. We thank them every day for the selfless work and light in our homes. All this work requires significant financial resources. More than UAH 2.5 billion is needed to restore the generation of damaged TPPs and CHPPs. About UAH 5 billion should be sent to put in order the facilities of the operators of the electricity distribution system according to the most conservative calculations," he said.

According to the Prime Minister, in general, more than 400 objects of critical infrastructure in the field of electric and heat supply have been hit during a full-scale war, in most cases these are boiler rooms.

Most of them are in the Kharkiv Region, Kyiv Region and Donetsk Region.

The terrorists also disabled a number of power units of thermal power plants and combined heat and power centers.

The Ukrainian authorities are trying to restore everything at a rapid pace.

At the same time, Shmyhal noted that everyone needs to be prepared for various scenarios and even emergencies.

First of all, this readiness should be on the part of local authorities in the form of the arrangement of an extensive network of heating points.

Shmyhal stressed that each head of a regional military administration, mayor and head of a community is personally responsible for preparing for severe winter tests.

The Prime Minister also said that planned disconnections of consumers from electricity will continue.

From October 10 to 31, they affected more than 9 million people.

He called it a forced measure that is needed to preserve the integrity of the Ukrainian energy system and protect it from overloads.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, emergency blackouts in significant volumes were used in Kyiv and the Kyiv Region on Friday, November 11.

Overnight, Russia hit Ukraine's power grid again.