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Fundraising Of UAH 1 Billion For 100 Maritime Drones Starts At UNITED24 - Zelenskyy

Fundraising Of UAH 1 Billion For 100 Maritime Drones Starts At UNITED24 - Zelenskyy

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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced the start of fundraising on the UNITED24 fundraising platform for the world's first Ukrainian fleet of maritime drones.

He wrote about this on Telegram, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"On the fundraising platform UNITED24, fundraising for the world's first Ukrainian fleet of naval drones has begun. We must protect the waters of our seas and peaceful cities from Russian missiles launched from ships," the President noted.

According to Zelenskyy, maritime drones will also help unblock the corridor for civilian ships that carry grain for the whole world.

"I am sure that millions of people will support this important line of defense of Ukraine. Everyone has already seen how it works. And this is only for our protection - we do not claim someone else's," the head of state emphasized.

Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced in his Telegram that funds are being collected for 100 Ukrainian-made marine drones.

In his opinion, drones can significantly change the situation in the waters of the Black Sea, because they are able to successfully attack Russian ships worth hundreds of millions of dollars. In addition, Fedorov confirmed that the flagship of the Russian fleet Admiral Makarov was hit by Ukrainian-made drone.

"Similar drones have already shown themselves in the Sevastopol bay, striking the flagship of the Russian fleet, Admiral Makarov. After that, Russia lost its undeniable advantage on the water," he wrote.

Fedorov emphasized that one such device costs UAH 10 million.

Today, the authorities plan to gather money for the first 10 units, i.e. UAH 100 million.

"This is a unique and classified Ukrainian development. The price includes: a drone equipped with an autopilot system, video subsystems, including night vision, special communications protected from the influence of enemy EW devices, backup communication modules and a combat unit. And also - a ground autonomous control station, a transportation and storage system, a data processing center and several special surprises for our enemies," the minister noted.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Russia announced that it was suspending its participation in the implementation of the grain agreement allegedly because of the "terrorist attack" in the Sevastopol Bay on the morning of October 29. And later it said that the drones on Black Sea Fleet ships were launched from a civilian "grain" vessel.

On November 2, Russia returned to the grain agreement.