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Emergency Power Outages In Kyiv And Region Today

Emergency Power Outages In Kyiv And Region Today

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On Friday, November 11, in Kyiv and the Kyiv Region emergency power outages will be applied in significant volumes. At night, Russia again struck the energy system of Ukraine.

This was reported by the director general of YASNO energy company Serhii Kovalenko.

"At night, there were new attacks on energy facilities in Ukraine. In Kyiv today, emergency power outages are being applied in significant volumes - that is, we will not be on schedule," he wrote.

Stabilization schedules of disconnections in the Kyiv Region are also currently not in effect. This was reported by DTEK Kyiv Regional Grids.

"Emergency power outages are being applied in the Kyiv Region by order of Ukrenergo. Stabilization schedules are currently not in effect," the statement says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the most difficult situation with electricity supply is in the city of Kyiv, the Kyiv and Kharkiv Regions.

In addition, the use of garlands and light decorations was officially banned in the Kyiv Region.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy instructed the State Energy Inspectorate to check the application of electricity outages schedules.