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European Parliament Approves Transport Visa-Free Regime Between EU And Ukraine

European Parliament Approves Transport Visa-Free Regime Between EU And Ukraine

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The European Parliament approved transport visa-free regime between the EU and Ukraine.

This was announced by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Members of the European Parliament voted to ratify the Agreement on Freight Transportation by Motor Vehicles. After the document is approved by the European Parliament, the European Council must ratify the Agreement. The Agreement came into force even before the completion of the ratification procedures - after signing in Lyon in June 2022. It cancels the need for Ukrainian carriers to obtain permits for the implementation two-way and transit transportation on the territory of the EU. Thanks to this Agreement, Ukrainian drivers continue to use Ukrainian driver's licenses and certificates of professional competence for driving in the EU, which are available, without the need to obtain an international driver's license," the statement reads.

According to the statement, the term of validity of the Agreement between the EU and Ukraine is 1 year.

At the same time, Ukraine and the EU are currently working on extending this term for another year, and technical consultations are ongoing.

It is noted that the result of the action of the transport visa-free regime was an increase in the turnover of goods.

"Since the beginning of the transport visa-free regime operation with the EU, the number of motor carriers crossing the state border of Ukraine in the direction of the European Union has also increased. In July-August 2022, they increased by 21% compared to May-June of the same year. And compared to the same in the period of 2021 - by 44%. Also, carriers began to cross the border more times, by 32%," the statement says.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in late June, Ukraine signed an agreement with the European Union on freight transportation by road, which is virtually visa-free for transport.