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U.S. Has Data That Russia Plans To Test Nuclear Torpedo - CNN

U.S. Has Data That Russia Plans To Test Nuclear Torpedo - CNN

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According to the U.S., Russian naval ships are preparing for a possible test of a new nuclear torpedo. CNN wrote about it with a reference to its own source.

Thus, it is reported that the longest submarine in the ocean Belgorod with modifications for special operations took part in the preparation for the nuclear torpedo test. It is noted that it is capable of launching unmanned underwater vehicles, in particular the Poseidon torpedo, which has a nuclear engine, that is, an almost unlimited range.

However, the test was not conducted, the report says. Last week saw the return of vessels from the test area in the Arctic Sea. The U.S. believes that Russia may have encountered technical difficulties.

"The U.S. does not believe that any tests would involve detonating a nuclear device. Any potential danger comes from a malfunction of the nuclear engine system, which could pose a risk due to radioactivity," CNN writes.

Thus, in 2018, Putin spoke about the existence of an "innovative" new weapon - the Poseidon torpedo.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the USA has decided to accelerate the deployment of modernized B61-12 tactical bombs at NATO bases in Europe, which are planned to be delivered there in December.

Earlier, on November 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin assured Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a telephone conversation that he had no intention of using nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said that the Kremlin will continue to conduct "nuclear games" to pressure Ukraine's Western partners to pressure Ukraine.